There are lots of ways to support Big Jim and The Mean Old World.  We've broken it down into levels, so you decide how deep you want to get.

Level 1) The easiest thing you can do is to join our mailing list by clicking at the bottom link below that says "Subscribe."  If you dislike getting an email every once in a while about a kick ass gig we are about to play, then you can like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, fan us on or buy us a beer if you see us at your local bar.  Better yet, do all of those things.

Level 2) (Coming Soon by the end of the year) Check us out on Spotify.  Add some of our songs to one of your playlists.  Play the hell out of these songs, and add them to your library.  Better yet, make a playlist with us on it, and let Spotify's super computers figure out that Big Jim and The Mean Old World is hotter than a carpet burn.

Level 3) If you like what we are doing, you can buy stuff from us to show your support.  We don't make a living at this, but we have lots of real expenses that come with the band (this website is one of them).  Just click on the "Merch" link up at the top of the page.  Right now, you can buy a sticker from us.  It's a $1.  Soon, we'll have CDs, vinyl, T-shirts, posters, and whatever else we can think up.  Buy them on our website, or go to amazon, cdbaby, or wherever cool shit is sold.  If you are a Syracuse local, go to Soundgarden and support your local record shop.

Level 4) You are bugging out for Big Jim and The Mean Old World.  Awesome, thanks.  Please consider joining our Patreon page, which asks you to pledge a dollar amount everytime we come out with a new release, either a single or a full album, on Spotify.  Our Patreon page is  If you agree to become a Patron, you will help us offset the costs of pressing a vinyl record of our debut album, Songs of Revival, and we will send you a copy, once we've reached our goal of raising $3,000.